Our project iCollaWS has been accepted for SOULFI Round A.

This is the product website:


From the very first moment, we heard about FIWARE, we were fascinated about it. We thought that it was just the think Europe needed, and we saw it as a big opportunity to specialize ourselves, in this new technology. Since this moment we have dedicated a lot of time and resources to FIWARE technology:

  • We discovered this european project in a meeting of the ADE in Valladolid (Regional Development Agency). We were very interested on it from the very first moment.
  • We went to FIWARE Jump Conference (Porto, 5th September 2014). We had some promising project ideas and there is were we decided to participate in the FIWARE Accelerator Programm
  • We dedicated a lot of time to introduce ourselves in FIWARE technology. We used the available documentation at (see detailed links at the end of the page). The webinar sessions are a good starting point.
  • We assisted to various meetings and training sessions in Valladolid and Boecillo
  • We have presented three projects to different accelerators: SOUL-FI, IMPACT and FI-C3.
  • We presented one project to IMPACT accelerator.
  • Now we are looking foward to have the opportunity to be part of FIWARE community

We bet on FIWARE technology.


FIWARE stands for Future Internet WARE. In the context of big data, the cloud and the Internet of Things, FIWARE is an open software platform, that allows you to easily build an manage innovative apps and services, by making complex processes simple, cost effective, high quality and secure. You can see a brief introductory video:

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